The Right Prescription for Congress

The Right Prescription for Congress

Water Is Life!

I live and work here in the Imperial Valley, and like many of you, family, freedom and our way of life in the valley and the 25th District are very important to me.

As your Representative, I will fight every day for you and our community to: 

America & Family First Agenda
Protect our Water Rights & Agriculture
Lower Food & Gas prices
School Choice For Our Children
Protect Freedom Of Speech & Right To Bear Arms
Promote Local Jobs & Businesses With Less Regulation
Lower Crime & Support Police
Enact Pro-Family Laws
End All Medical Mandates
Strengthen the Border against drug & human trafficking
Streamline Border Entry for law-abiding workers, tourism & trade

Meet Dr. Tyson

Dr. Tyson, a Republican candidate for Congress in California’s 25th Congressional District, is the son of a patriotic military family. Brian was born into an Air Force pilot’s family, on a military base in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. As military service goes, his parents relocated multiple times during his early years before landing in Redlands, California. He learned at an early age that hard work, service to others, and caring would be his calling; first as an emergency room physician and later as the owner and primary provider of Urgent care centers.

Read Dr. Tyson's Book

Together with his friend and colleague Dr. George Fareed, they decided to share the insights, knowledge gained, and data documented working on the frontlines of the pandemic, treating patients who presented with early infection. And out of that belief to uphold their oath to treat patients they wrote, “Overcoming the Covid Darkness,” currently a national bestseller.


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